3 Tips For A Great Home Appraisal

    If you’re thinking of getting your home appraised, there is one thing that matters greatly: appearance. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or refinance, your home needs to look its absolute best before you schedule a walk through. Luckily, these 3 tips will keep you ahead of the game for a great home appraisal.

    1. Remember the exterior of your home.

    The moment the appraiser walks to your door, they are judging your house. If you have a front patio, lawn area, or garden, make sure they are prepped and ready for inspection. Don’t forget the roof and gutters too.

    2. Clean Up!

    You’ll want to tidy up your home as much as possible before your appraisal. Whether it be making minor repairs or just a deep clean, you’ll want to make sure your home is as up to date as possible. Anything that may affect the value of your home should be on the to do list. (Bonus step: make that to-do list!)

    3. Make sure it’s inviting.

    Give your home that comfortable and “home-y” feeling. Now we’re not saying you have to make sure the air smells of freshly baked apple pie and a home-cooked meal, but little things, like if you have air conditioning, turn it on before the appraiser arrives so it’s nice and cool for the appraisal. It lets the appraiser know it’s in tip top shape and creates a comfortable environment.

    Hopefully your home is pretty tidy and the fixes you need to make before your appraisal are small, but if you need some major fixes, give yourself some time before setting up an appointment. Remember, you want the value of your home to go up -not down-, so give yourself time to make any changes. If you have specific questions, please email us directly at darrylandjj@gmail.com or call us at (714) 713-4663 so we can ensure that your request is granted quickly!

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