3 Ways To Organize Your Garage

    Finding time to declutter your garage can be a hassle. Where do you start? If your garage has become a mess with miscellaneous junk another forgotten things, these tips will help you get organized.

    1. Utilize the walls and ceiling.

    You may think the only place to store things in your garage is on the floor, but utilizing the wall space and rafters can help open up your space and take the clutter off the ground.

    2. Take everything out.

    Before you even consider organizing everything, take it all out. Starting your organization with a clean and open space will help you gauge what space your have to work with and help you pre-screen what stays and what gets thrown away.

    3. Group Similar Items

    When you’re reorganizing your space, make it easy for yourself to find items that are similar by grouping them together. It will make it easy for you to find things when you need them most. For example, winter items or school supplies.

    Finding the time to declutter is never an easy step. Getting started is the hardest part, but once you take the time to organize your space, you’ll feel more organize all year round. If you have specific questions, please email us directly at darrylandjj@gmail.com or call us at (714) 713-4663 so we can ensure that your request is granted quickly!

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