4 Curtain Treatments to Update Your Home

    Updating your home doesn’t mean you need a full make over. A great way to add a little spice to your home decorating is by adding a little window treatment. These 4 curtain treatments can give your home a much needed update.

    1. Color


    Give your windows the royal treatment with a great pop of color. Try the royal jewel colors such as turquoise, blue, or red to really up the glamour on your windows. It can add a fresh perspective to your living space.


    2. Fabric


    Whether you are going for a dark and mysterious look or an airy/open feel, the fabric you choose for your curtains can make all the difference. Trying to let the light shine through? Try using canvas or sheer fabrics with a neat pattern to open your home up.


    3. Trimmings


    Give your shades a little spunk with a fun trim! A fringed or patterned trim on the window decorations can give your home a sophisticated and fashionable touch.


    4. Layers


    Can’t decide on a light or heavy drape? Try layering. Combined fabrics can give your space a glamorous feel.

    Curtains may seem old fashioned, but they never go out of style. Treat your space to a unique and chic upgrade by simply updating a few curtains.

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