4 Unique Buildings Turned Into Homes

    Looking for a unique home to build your life? It’s becoming more of a trend to find more unique living spaces to convert into your forever home. These unusual buildings will have you day dreaming for new residences. 


    1. Historic Farmhouse. A 1928 fire station was converted by artist couple Vincent Valdez and Adrianna Corral for the perfect loft-style home. With high ceilings and blank walls, the fire house was a great open space. 


    Check out their transformation here: http://bit.ly/1TlQPGI


    2. Old Water Tower. An 1877 water tower was redesigned into a fantastic home in London, England. With a little time and lots of love, this space was converted into a great 4 bedroom, modern living space. 


    Check out the before and after here: http://bit.ly/1dImIkN


    3. Barge: A unique mobile home, located in Stockholm, Sweden, the space was renovated into an ultra chic living space. Perfect for the traveling family, this floating home was a great transformation. 


    See the space here: http://bit.ly/1ODjU0i


    4. Schoolhouse. Many old schoolhouses are getting complete makeovers for their home renovations. One 1840 schoolhouse received a full renovation for the perfect weekend getaway home. 


    See the transformation here: http://bit.ly/202MM2x


    With many innovative designers, almost any unique space can be transformed into a great home! If you have an unusual space you’re dreaming about as a home, you may be able to. 

    If you have specific questions, please email us directly at darrylandjj@gmail.com or call us at (714) 713-4663 so we can ensure that your request is granted quickly!

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