4 Ways To Baby Proof Your Home

    1. Secure The TV

    Your baby will soon be crawling and walking around, which means that they will be holding on to their surroundings. If you have a television that can be easily tipped, be sure to secure it. If you have a flat screen, mounting it the the wall may be a great solution.

    2. Keep Cords Out Of Reach

    While you can’t keep everything unplugged, be sure to secure and keep cords out of reach. Cords can look playful and enticing to a small child, but can lead to fatal accidents. Try to tie multiple chords together and secure in an out of the way space. (Pro Tip: zip ties or twist ties!)

    3. Secure Furniture

    If you have sharp edges or easy to move furniture, it is time to baby proof. Glass or wooden tables with hard corners can be a real hazard, but a great way to make them safe is adding corner padding. For furniture that slides easily, adding a gripped bottom can help you prevent them from moving as easily.

    4. Use Outlet Covers

    Curiosity may sometimes get the better of your baby. As they learn to move around they may be drawn by multiple things, like electrical outlets. They may try to stick things into it, which can cause them to electrocute themselves. To prevent this serious (and sometimes fatal) mistake, use outlet covers to help block the holes.

    These are just a few things that can help keep your baby safe as they start exploring their surroundings. Securing your home along with keeping a watchful eye are the best way to keep your baby out of harm’s way.

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