5 Great Tips to Prepare Your Home For an Open House

    Showcasing all the great qualities of your home and choosing the right realtor will make selling easy.

    Preparing your home for potential buyers is never easy, but it may make the difference of having multiple bidders to no bidders. The top realtors of the nation can usually agree on these 5 tips to prepare your home for an open house:

    1. Remove Personal Photos:
      It’s great to showcase your family to your friends, but buyers should be focused on what your home has to offer them. Not only can keeping photos up create an impersonal experience when showcasing your home, but it will not allow potential buyers to picture their own family living there.
    2. Highlight Your Favorite Things:
      Show off a few things you love best about your home. Whether it be that magnificent walk-in closet in the master bedroom or the cozy feeling of the built-in library in the living room, let potential buyers see some key aspects that may entice them to fall in love with your home… just like you once did.
    3. Paint Job
      Give your interiors a fresh coat (or two) of a neutral colored paint. Your house will be rejuvenated and feel like new.
    4. Pet Proofing:
      However much we may love our fur babies, they can add some serious wear to the interior of a home. Smells and odors will be noticed by buyers, which may turn them off. Have an outside source do a “sniff test” to see what can be done to eliminate those unwanted pet odors during your open house.
    5. Leave It To The Experts:
      You can talk about your home until the cows come home, but buyers want to experience it in their own way. Buyers may be intimidated to comment on the home with your real estate agent if you’re within earshot of them. Let your agent take care of the tough questions and let your home speak for itself while you enjoy a much deserved lunch date to celebrate your next step forward!


    BONUS TIP: Consult with your agent before any major changes regarding your home so that everything is in order for the big showcase and you’re all on the same page! You don’t want your realtor advertising your “quaint 2 bedroom cottage” if you’ve decided to go with a black accent wall and new granite countertops! Communication with your agent is key.

    Selling your home is a big step in your expanding future, but showcasing all the great qualities of your home and choosing the right realtor will make selling easy.

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