8 Tips For Finding A Great Listing Agent


    1. Local Expert:

    Your listing agent should have knowledge of the area you’re currently in. He or she should be able to describe the neighborhoods and should have experience selling there as well.

    2. Price Point Match:

    Your listing agent should listen to your price point and not try to upsell you on a luxury home if you’re looking for a starter home.

    3. Data Savvy:

    A good listing agent should have a great understanding of the current market and interest rates trending to help you find the best prices around.

    4. Open House Guru:

    Your agent should be enthusiastic about showing your home to potential buyers. Your home should be shown at least two times to get the best price.

    5. Responsive To Your Needs:

    Your agent should be highly attentive during your listing process. A good agent has a response rate of 24 hours, weekend or weekday, regarding any questions or concerns you may have.

    6. Staging Expert:

    Staging is a great way to get your home looking tip top shape for potential buyers. Your agent should know the right tricks and tips to help make the value of your home increase during the open house.

    7. Online Marketing Expert:

    Your listing agent should have a good knowledge of different real estate portals such as MLS and other online marketing tools.

    8. References:

    Like any job, you’ll want references. A great way to find previous clients is through an agent’s website or reviews.

    Find a great listing agent can be a process, but with these helpful tips you can find the best one to fit your needs. If you’re ready to list your home, contact the expert team at Darryl and JJ Jones today!



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