Beat The Summer Heat

    You can beat the summer heat in many ways. Chill poolside, hit the beach, catch a movie, or you can hang out at home and stay cool. If your home doesn’t have an air conditioning unit and you’re looking to get one before summer hits, a great way to cool down your home is with a window ac unit. Here are 5 tips to up keeping your ac unit all summer long

    1. Keep the filter clean

    You’ll probably be running your unit day and night, so the filter will get dirty very quickly. When the filter is starting to get caked with dust and grime, soak the filter in soapy water and rinse. Keeping the filter clean will ensure proper airflow.

    2. Straighten bent fins

    These particular fins are located at the back of the fan. The more you use your AC they may get tangled or intertwined, if that happens the cooling will not properly work. You want to make sure there is a gap between the blades.

    3. Fan and pan upkeep

    You’ll want to keep these two pieces clean. They will attract dust and dirt that can be redistributed while in use. Rinse both with solutions to keep dust from accumulating.

    4. Store away on the off season

    As summer comes to a close you’ll want to keep your window ac unit stowed away for the safe keeping until the next hot season. Keep the unit in a dry area away from damp dark corners that way no mold or bugs.

    There are many different ac units you can try, but if you’re opting for the window a unit, this the best way to keep your ac unit working for yeas and years to come. Enjoy the breeze!

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