Benefits of Going Solar

    Going Solar on your home in California definitely has its benefits! So what are they?


    This is the number one reason that many people go solar in the first place. Here in California, the weather is warm, which means we’re often running the A/C. Plus, when it cools down even a little, we are then running for the heater. Temperature control may be the biggest culprit of California energy usage, but with solar, you don’t have to experience the heart palpitations before opening that electric bill every month!

    Energy Efficiency
    With all of the talk about saving the planet, solar panels are a great way to efficiently keep your energy usage low without changing your lifestyle. So go ahead, run those electronics all day long.

    Increase Home Value
    Increasing your home value is yet another way that solar panels are of value to you. If you decide to sell your home, those panels will be in your favor when it comes to the offers coming in!


    Do you have solar panels? What do you love about them?

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