Best Backyard Remodels to Add Value

    Everyone loves a backyard getaway, and especially here in Southern California where we can spend nearly 365 days a year outside lounging.

    Here are some great ideas for adding value to your home via the backyard (WARNING: You may love it so much, you decide to stick around.)

    More Greenery, Less Lawn
    With the recent drought, many learned to live with dry and browning lawns, but you don’t have to! Less lawn, and more trees, shrubbery, and succulents can ensure that your backyard stays bright and green without the maintenance and excessive watering that is required of a large lawn.

    Outdoor Lighting
    Now we aren’t talking lamps that brighten the backyard, but rather “landscape lighting.” Soft lights along footpaths, or in garden beds that help spotlight trees and bushes can really liven up the evening views for those family dinners or late-night get-togethers.

    Create a “Sanctuary”
    This can be anything from a hot tub, a pond, or even a small fountain. When surrounded by greenery, a water-addition to your yard can make it feel as if you’re spending time at a spa or in a quaint garden, and not at all like you’re just a few minutes away from the hectic responsibilities of life.

    What do you look for in a backyard while home-shopping? Is the yard important to you? Let us know in the comments below, and happy selling!

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