Creating a Serene Outdoor Space

    You work hard all week, and deserve to come home to a small oasis each weekend! Weekends are meant for relaxation and peace and when you get home you may want to unwind and let loose. Small space? No problem! A great way to create a relaxation space is outdoors. Building a serene garden space can give you an area of the home to clear your mind, and enjoy some fresh air.

     1. Your Space Should Be Open

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    Think outside the box, because grass is out! Gravel can create an open space that will allow the eyes to take in the imagery in its entirety. The negative space of the neutral colored gravel also create a peacefulness your yard will benefit from.

    2. Water

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    Imagine reading a good book in the sunshine with no disturbances but the sound of a small babbling brook. A small fountain or a pond can help create this serenity. Water can also draw in birds, and their gentle chirping helps complete the circle of peace and relaxation.

    3. Hue

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    Whether you’re using bushes, flowers, succulents, or cacti, stick to one general hue. It’s easy to get carried away with the vegetation. Too many hues can make your space feel chaotic, but sticking to a monochromatic scheme with small pops of color will keep your garden calm and united.

    4. Texture

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    Sticking to one hue doesn’t mean you have to stick to one plant. Find plants that vary in texture to create an interesting view point while also keeping your space connected.

    Find a way to create your calm and peaceful garden using these for tips. You can go big or small in creating your serene space, but one thing is sure, your space will have you counting down the hours until you get home.

    What home projects have you completed in your own serene spaces? We’d love to see — make sure to share them in the comments below!

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