Creating an Inspiring and Efficient Home Office

    Statistics show that more and more people are “telecommuting” when it comes to work.
    If you haven’t seen this trend, it means that more people than ever are working from home. (Thank you, Internet!)

    That being said, for many home-buyers it is crucial that they have a space they can deem their “home office.”

    Working at home sounds wonderful (and it can be!) but it can also be distracting. We all have days where our motivation is below par, and in an office, you’re forced to be at your desk, but at home, migrating to the couch is a completely viable option…but we don’t want it to be! Here are some tips on how to create an inspiring and efficient home office to help you stay motivated, even when the recliner is calling your name.


    Buy a Real Desk.
    This may seem like an easy one, but many people are using re-purposed tables or laptop lap desks to get their work done. Once you have a real desk (and I’d even go as far as recommending a home computer) the space will start to feel more like a work environment.


    Hang Work Appropriate Decor.
    This means keep it *minimal.* While an entire gallery wall of your family’s last photo shoot is lovely to look at, it is one of those things that feels more “homey” than “work.” Try hanging a wall-clock in your favorite style, a wall calendar, and two or three framed inspirational posters or photos to remind you why you work so hard!


    Don’t Skimp on the Chair.
    You will be spending the better part of your day in this office, so do not skimp on the desk chair just to get a “deal” or to get one that “looks nice.” It is important to your health and your productivity that you are comfortable while working — so shop around to find the chair that has the best cushion, lumbar support, and height adjustments that suit your needs.


    Turn Your Cell Phone on Silent.
    While working in your home office, turn your cell phone on silent. Again, it’s all too easy to get distracted by the pings, dings, and rings. In an office environment, you wouldn’t have the “luxury” of having your phone out, on, and texting or checking all day, and don’t treat your home-work environment any different. Make sure that the only people who can reach you are those who may need you in an emergency and your clients, and create a schedule that allows you to check and return calls, voicemails, text messages, etc.


    This last one is more important than you may think. We all hate the icky florescent lights of many public spaces, but there’s a reason they exist. If your room is dark, dull, or has the fading yellow of the overhead light bulb, it is easier to get comfortable. You’re in your own home, after all! Change out your lightbulb for a white LED, or add an extra lamp near your desk, and change that light bulb too. Even feel free to draw back the blinds and open a window! The brighter the room is, the more productive you’ll be.



    What are some of your best tips for working in a home office? Let us know in the comments below, and visit to help get you into a home with your ideal space!

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    • Kevin

      Written on

      Yes, a chair is so important! I used to have a dining room chair at my office desk. I finally broke down and bought myself a nice office chair and my back is so happy about it! It feels like a real office now and I get a lot more done.


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