Creating the Perfect Study Nook

    It’s important for kids to stick to a study routine, whether they’re in 1st grade or ready to fill out college applications, a creative and work-friendly space for your children can provide them with the motivation and ability to stay on the right track. Here are some tips to help create the perfect study nook that will have your kids proud to bring home their report cards.

    1. The Desk

    Finding the best position for the desk can be tricky. A spot where there is natural light and not facing a busy window are both great starts. If you live on a street with a lot of activity, windows and doors may distracts kids from focusing on their work. Setting the desk against a wall can help guide their focus to the work in front of them — but it really depends on your child’s personality. Keep an eye on how their mind works and it will help you determine whether the great outdoors is a better view.

    2. Supplies

    Make sure your kid’s desk is full of the supplies they may need when doing schoolwork. From erasers to paper (and let’s not forget the poor underrated pencil sharpener) making sure they have the things they need to complete their assignments will help reinforce that they can get anything done, plus it will minimize distraction as they will not need to continuously get up to try to find something they need. Try providing a folder for “Completed Work” or “Due Tomorrow” to keep them organized and on track. (PRO TIP: a desk calendar or planner where they can track their assignments –especially big projects or reports they have weeks to complete– will help diminish procrastination).

    3. Remove electronics

    Remove any distractions that can misguide their focus. Stash away TV remotes or have them plug their cell phones in the kitchen before heading to their desk in order to prevent temptations. Let your kid know that they can watch TV or play games after their tasks are complete. A study zone should be just that and nothing else.

    4. Lighting

    Make sure there is enough lighting around their study area to help them stay alert and focused. Whether it be natural light or a table lamp, lighting is key to keeping your child’s gaze on what’s in front of them.

    BONUS TIP! Once they’re older, a small mini fridge or wire basket for bottled water or snacks can help them stay at their desk instead of trekking to the kitchen. It’s been proven that it takes a minimum of 30 minutes to focus on any one task, and once that focus is broken, it takes another 30 to get it back. Something as simple as a granola bar stash will help them get their work done faster, and prevent excuses to leave their work.

    Although simple, these tips will help provide the perfect study nook and help your child succeed. Allowing he or she to flourish in a zen space will help them stay focused, on task, and prepared for the future.
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