Decorating Your Home for Valentine’s Day

    For those of you that love decorating, Valentine’s Day may not seem like a big decorating ordeal, but can actually be REALLY fun! The best part about showcasing Valentine’s Day in your home is that it’s also really fun to get the kids involved. Here are some fun things to do for the entire family…


    Candy Heart Banner
    We all know and love those little candy hearts, so why not make them life-sized? Using some fun construction paper and ribbon, you can create your own hearts with fun sayings, string them together, and hang them over the mantle! Decorative, personal, and a great way to spend a weekend afternoon keeping the kids busy!

    Heart Paper Chain
    So using construction paper and some clear tape or staples, we’ve all spent some time making some elaborate paper chains, but if you change the shape from a circle to a heart, you have an instant Valentine’s Day garnish!

    “Love”-ly Wreath
    This might be the easiest one, by far. Creating a front door wreath as you would for any other holiday, but using white, red, and pink flowers, gives it that specific Valentine’s Day feel! Plus, at places like the Dollar Tree, you can find fun sparkly hearts and doo-dads that you can add into the wreath to make it even more festive!


    Remember, The Darryl & JJ Jones Team are our experts for all things home. We believe the home-buying process doesn’t stop once you get the keys– because every day you have a chance to make your home feel a little more like home!

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