Exterior Staging Tips

    Staging your home is a great way to fine tune it before buyers come through. Many of us focus on staging the interior of the home, but it is also important to stage the exterior. Potential buyers will be looking at all aspects of the home, so you want to make sure the inside matches the outside. If you plan on staging your home, these exterior tips will get you on the path to success.

    1.Update Structural Issues

    Hopefully your home isn’t in too bad of shape where you have to make these repairs, but be sure to check major projects like roofing or windows. You want to make the structural integrity of your home look its best for open house.

    2.Minor Repairs

    There will probably be a few minor repairs you’ll need to address. But this can also be helpful if you don’t have the budget for the major repairs. Minor repairs may include repotting plants or freshly painting borders. Whatever the case, you’ll want to patch up any damages to give your home a little face lift.

    3. Fresh Wash

    Pressure cleaning the exterior of the house will help clean any dirt or grime that has built up and give your home the squeaky clean and brand new look buyers will be looking for. Don’t forget to get all surfaces, not just the outside of the house.


    You’ll want to clean up any old debris, dying plants, and fix the lawn. Try to add some planters on the porch and backyard to add a little extra sparkle. Also planting some fresh potted plants can add a little color to the exterior.

    5. Don’t forget your porch.

    Add some accessories to the porch, to give an inviting look. Something seasonal on the door, like a wreath or doormat is a simple addition.

    Dressing up your home for potential buyers is just one of the many tasks you’ll have before putting your home on the market. But with these simple tips, you’ll impress everyone who walks through your door.

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