Family Halloween Decorating!

    The spookiest holiday is just around the corner, and you may be looking for ways to spruce up your home while getting the entire family involved! Here are some fun tips & tricks to not only keep your kids busy this weekend but also get your home Halloween ready so you can celebrate all month long!


    While this one seems pretty obvious, people are getting more and more creative in their pumpkin designs. The old school way of carving, gutting, and handling sharp tools are nearly on their way out, as more and more families are using things like paint markers, sharpies, glue, glitter, and more! Consider googling some carve-free ideas this year to make clean up a breeze, and create an entire slew of pumpkins for your front steps!


    Bargain Hunting
    Grab the family and head to the 99 Cent Store or your local Dollar Tree! For no more than $1 each, you can find some really fun decorations! Plus, at such a low price point, you can give the kids a small limit each ($5, $10?) and let them go crazy in the holiday aisle so they can choose the decorations that THEY love! This will help them get involved in the process of home decoration so they can feel like they are contributing, and it’s also a great way to keep them busy decorating while you get some much-deserved downtime after a busy week.


    Home-made Apple Cider
    This can be an all-day affair! First, you can find local apple farms or farmer’s markets to pick up some fresh local apples and spices. Grab your favorite recipe out of that old cookbook or those growing Pinterest boards, and gather the family to make some homemade apple cider! If you have the time, you could even pick two or three different recipes to try out and settle on your new favorite! Just be sure to always supervise young ones in this activity, as most recipes call for temperatures around or above boiling!


    These are just a few relaxing ways to get the kids involved in the holiday spirit and help them feel like they have more to do than just picking out a costume! What are some of your family favorite fall activities? Let us know in the comments below!

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