Getting Your Home November-Ready

    Happy November, home enthusiasts! Today we want to talk about getting your home cozy for fall and the Thanksgiving holiday.

    When you hear the term “decorations,” you may picture paper turkeys and strands of autumn colored leaf-lights, but that is just not the case! That’s why we prefer the word “decor.” It’ll help your home be subtle, but cozy, especially if you’re here in Southern California where the weather doesn’t want you to believe it’s already November.


    Throw Blankets
    Though you may not always cover up with them, adding warm colored throw blankets across your couches or armchairs will help your home look and feel “fall.” Plus, you can find (or make!) matching throw pillows, and you instantly have a comfortable place to curl up with that first cup of warm apple cider.


    These are all the rage for event decorating purposes, but using them minimally and in the right place will complete your home. Perhaps a door hanger with a chalkboard that says “Hello, fall” instead of an over-the-top wreathe. Or even in the kitchen with a favorite quote or fun saying on it. It’s a simple and understated piece of decor that has a lot of power.


    Dining Table Set-Up
    You don’t have to bring out the fancy China and cover your table with a plastic cloth littered with turkey legs and pilgrim hats. A light colored fabric tablecloth with a darker fall colored napkin set will really help your dining room feel bigger (perfect for when you pack your entire family into one room!). Plus, you can get the kids and the family to help create fun centerpieces to show off.


    These are just a few options in helping your home feel the warmth and coziness of the fall season. What are your favorite decor tips to getting ready for Thanksgiving?

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