Holiday Home Safety Tips

    Sprucing up your home for the holidays may be one of your favorite times of the year, but it’s important to be safe, too! Many home-fires happen during the holidays due to turkey deep-frying and faulty holiday lights… but there are many ways to make sure you have the safest and best-looking home on the block!

    Holiday Light Inspection
    If you love to use string lights, both inside or outside, be sure to carefully inspect them before putting them up and plugging them in! Frayed cords, loose connections, broken bulbs, or even lights that have been in a box that has suffered water damage can all be dangerous and even life-threatening. Also, if you’re inspecting the string lights and can’t decide whether or not something is safe, always err on the side of caution and pick up a new set at your local store.

    Check Lights & Candles
    If you’re leaving the house (even for just a few minutes to walk the dog) or headed to bed for a nap or a full good night’s sleep, turn off all lights and check that you’ve blown out all candles! This seems pretty self-explanatory, but when you have hundreds of festive tea lights to help you feel “in the spirit,” it’s not hard to forget, and it only takes one mishap.

    Test Those Smoke Alarms
    To kick off the holiday season, refill your smoke alarms with fresh batteries, and then test that they’re working! The best way to stay safe is to ensure you’re alerted in the case where you or your family may be sleeping or spending time away from where the incident may occur.


    It’s your home, and you love living in it! Make sure it’s safe so you can enjoy the holidays with your family and loved ones.

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