How to Choose the Perfect Home for You

    Your dream home is a potential LIFETIME investment, so don’t settle for less than what you love!

    Are you having trouble deciding if a home is right for you? Have you been tirelessly visiting home after home and just not feeling confident enough to make the decision? Remember these helpful tips to guide you in the right direction for choosing the perfect home.

    1. Square Footage

    Don’t stress about the square footage of the house. Everyone wants more bang for their buck, but if you get caught up in comparing multiple houses by the square footage, you might miss out on that open concept you’re dreaming of, or the yard of your dreams.


    1. Damages

    When looking at homes, don’t expect to see zero flaws. Like many things in life, perfection is hardly attainable, and although the home owners will try to make their home as presentable as possible for buyers, it’s still currently their home. Imagine the home as it would look if you lived there – this will help.


    1. Floor Plans vs. Finishes

    Take a look at your potential home’s floor plan. Try to think about the space as a whole and if that works for you and your family. Hate the closed concept? You can always knock out a wall! Ugly wooden cabinetry? Consider a fresh coat of paint! These are small and inexpensive changes in comparison to a full remodel.


    1. Neighborhood Choice

    Whether you already have a family, or are planning on having one soon, consider the neighborhood you are looking for homes in. You’ll want to ask questions about the school district, the neighborhood watch program, the busy times for surrounding main streets, etc. Your realtor has the answers, so don’t be afraid to speak up!


    1. Don’t Settle

    If you’ve looked at a few homes and are still not ready to choose, take your time. There will be one or two homes that will stand out, but if you still don’t feel 100% about the homes you’ve seen, then remember to stay in communication with your realtor, be patient, and keep looking. Your dream home is a potential LIFETIME investment, so don’t settle for less than what you love!

    The Darryl & JJ Jones team, with Prudential Real Estate, is here for you! We have answers to your most important questions, and we will search high and low to make sure you get into the home you’ve been dreaming of!

    What is your *MUST HAVE* in a home? Let us know in the comments below!

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