How To Give Back To Your Community This Holiday Season

    There are plenty of ways for you to give back right here in Orange County! With the holidays among us, many organized charities and nonprofit have put together events where you can volunteer your time, or you can find your own ways to support your community.


    Find A Thanksgiving Event
    A quick internet search will surely take you to events in the area where you can volunteer to help prepare, cook, or serve food to the homeless or those in need this Thanksgiving. If you’ve grown up with a big homecooked meal every year that brings back great memories, this could be a great way to provide that comfort to others. Or, if you’re unavailable Thanksgiving Day, look into donating things like paper plates, utensils, napkins, and more to help the event run effectively.


    Love to Bake? Be generous with those sweet treats!
    Do you love to cook or bake, and always find yourself with an overflow of treats and a full family? Gather the kids or neighbors to help you package some up into small portions, and hand them out at shelters or donate them to large events. We know your cookies and fudge are delicious, and now is the time to spread the joy.


    Don’t Neglect Your Local Animal Shelters
    During the holidays, many animal shelters find themselves short on hands due to the many vacations and time-off taken by the volunteers. You can even involve the kids as you all spend time helping to play with the animals, clean, and provide extra help to the shelter staff. No time to give? That’s okay! Donate plenty of food, blankets, pet beds, and more, in order to keep the pets nice and comfy. Believe it or not, staff often see an influx of adoptions followed by an influx of drop-offs at this time of year due to people adopting for the holidays and returning promptly after. They’ll need all of the help and supplies they can get!


    Do you have other favorite ways to give back to your local community? Let us know in the comments below!

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