How To Have The Best House On The Block This Halloween Night

    Whether as kids or with kids, we’ve all been to the disappointing houses on Halloween. Here are some great ways to not be the worst!


    Now we’re not saying you have to spend hundreds of dollars and days donning your front yard with oversized pumpkins and elaborate tombstones, but a little something will let trick-or-treaters know that you’re open for business. Perhaps a festive door hanger and some colored lights around your porch. Or if you have your own kids and they’ve put their creative efforts into some jack-o-lanterns, display them proudly on the front porch!


    Leave the Porch Light on.
    Everyone knows that if you’re home, you should be handing out candy! If you’re not available to, that’s fine, but leave that porch light off! Nothing is more disappointing to a batch of young and eager candy lovers than knocking on a door, seeing movement inside, yet no one comes to answer. The rule of thumb is if the porch light is on, the house is giving out the goods, so make sure you’re following this diligently!


    Toothbrushes, Pennies, Raising, Walnuts….
    You get the idea. Think of everything you hated receiving as a kid, and don’t hand it out! It’s pretty simple, but some families still insist that it’s quirky. Or at the very least, make sure there’s something sweet attached.


    Have fun this holiday, and make sure that your home reflects your spirit! One of the best parts of being a homeowner is the decorating, whether it’s festive or just another day. Get in the spirit!


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