How to prepare your home for the rain

    The weather can be unpredictable. One day can be sunny and the next day can be rainy. Often times when it rain it pours. So how to  keep your home dry from the rainy weather? These tips will help you stay dry.

    1. Patch up the roof.

    Be sure to check for loose shingles or cracks to prevent any further damage and extreme leaks in you home.

    2. Check the gutters for leaks or clogs.

    Don’t forget to clean the gutters. You’ll want to make sure the gutter pipes are sealed and clear of any debris. The last thing you’ll want is a backed up drain.

    3. Check the inside for cracks.

    Once you’ve checked the outside, be sure to check the inside for leaks. Just fixing the outside may not be enough. A simple patch up will keep you inside dry when the outside is wet.

    4. Don’t forget the windows.

    Check your windows for any sealant cracks. Resealing your window will help keep your home warm and drying during rainy weather.

    5. Hurricane socks for the garage or basement.

    This is a precaution for heavy heavy rain. If you have a basement or a garage, hurricane socks can help catch any water that may sneak in and help prevent flooding.

    6. Clear your yard of shrubbery.

    Be sure to keep your yard nice and tidy so that no debris creates pockets of water. You also don’t want any loose branches falling onto your house.

    Although you can’t stop everything from happening during a bad rainstorm, you can prevent your home from getting soaked and keeping your family dry.

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