Keep Your Home Safe While Away On Vacation

    If your vacation is inching closer by the minute, it’s time to review your home-safety checklist to ensure that you can let loose during your well-deserved time off, and not concern yourself with anxieties of leaving the home to care for itself over the span of your trip.

    1. Consider a House or Pet-Sitter.
      Sure, Rover or Kitty may be used to hanging out at home while you’re at work, but 8 hours per day is a lot different than 24 hours per day. Someone dropping by to fill up the food bowls every day or two is probably not enough attention for your pet — consider a pet-sitter instead. If you don’t have pets, a house-sitter can still be a great idea. They can grab your mail and newspapers, making sure your home appears as if all is normal and occupied.
    2. Give the appearance of “Lived-In”
      Certain things happen when you’re home that you may not even think about. Cars come and go. Lights go on and off. Any opportunistic burglars may notice after a couple of days that activity has come to a screeching halt and stake out to ensure they’re correct before making a move. Something that may seem insignificant to you can practically be a welcome mat to unwanted company. How to stop it? Consider investing in light timers — this can make certain lights (porch, lamps, living rooms, etc) turn on and off throughout the day. Pretty clever, huh?
    3. Lock up Pet Doors!
      Many people don’t realize that an unlocked window or doggy door, no matter how small, can be a gift to burglars or wrong-doers. Remember to lock or block all entrances, no matter how small.
    4. Don’t Broadcast Online
      Lastly, this is not the time to showcase your plans for your 5-week European adventure. Sharing such information on Facebook, blogs, or other sources of social media is practically an invitation to anyone who knows where to look. Keep your cool. Share the information with your friends or family, but you don’t want the entire world knowing that your place will be up for grabs until the end of summer.

    Hopefully these tips will help you feel safe while you’re away from home, and lessen any worry about the state of your house! Just try to relax and have some fun… after all, you deserve it.

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