Keeping Your Home Safe While Away on Vacation

    Spring break is just around the corner, and many families choose to take a fun vacation!

    Keeping your home safe while you’re away is crucial, as you want to ensure you’re spending your time relaxing and adventuring, not worrying. Here are some tips to help you do just that!


    Ask A Friend for Help
    Ask a good friend who lives close to you to check up on the house. There’s no tell-tale sign that no one is home like a pile of newspapers in the driveway and an overflowing mailbox. Someone simply driving by every other day to collect the above items, or maybe even park in the driveway and hang out in the house for a while (or even overnight) will ensure that your home never seems “vacant.” Additional tip: Let your neighbors you trust know you’re headed out. This way, if they see anything suspicious, they can report it right away.

    Do Not Advertise Your Life on Social Media
    In today’s culture, social media is such a staple that people feel the need to tweet what they’ve had for dinner, or share update their Facebook with every single intimate detail of their lives. Professional criminals peruse the internet for this type of information. Suddenly your “Family vacation! Headed to Hawaii for the next 10 days” post actually reads ‘our home will be vacant for the next 10 days, welcome.‘ Keep it private.

    Don’t Underestimate Light Timers
    Setting your home’s lights on a timer will help the home continue to look lived-in. Leaving your lights on all day and all night is suspicious. No lights for two weeks is also a blatant signal. But a timer? Making your lights turn off and on during human waking hours makes it seems like someone is around.


    Enjoy your Spring Break vacations, and spend them celebrating family and adventure, not worrying about your home!


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