Make Your Bathroom Into A Getaway

    Everyone needs a room to decompress in. Whether it be a den, reading room, or basement rec room, the answer may be as simple as your bathroom. Turn your bathroom into a new little getaway with these great upgrades.

    1. Spa Shelf

    Bring the simplistic and minimalistic feel of the spa home with an open shelving system in your bathroom. Open up your space and allow for your relaxation to begin. Allow for easy access to towels, bubbles, and a glass of wine to allow true zen.

    2. Vanity Upgrade

    Give yourself the luxurious and beautiful lighting you deserve. A vanity is a great way to give your bathroom a luxurious and chic update. Repurpose an antique or upcyle an old piece of furniture, whatever you choose you have the options to make the stylish change.

    3. Vinyl Floors

    Nothing ages a home more than vinyl flooring. Give your bathroom floors the updated look by tiling over that old and dated vinyl. It’s a simple and budget friendly way to make the bathroom look anew.

    4. Tub Personalization

    Make your tub your own. Find your perfect style tub to make your tub feel like you. Whether you’re more of a chic and stylish, modern and sleek, or vintage, your bathtub should be a comfortable oasis of relaxation.

    5. Mirrors

    Change the traditional square look of your mirror with something different. Add some crown molding or elaborate look design to make the mirror reflect your true personalty. You can also try a different shape such a circular or hexagon.

    These personalizations will make our old bathroom feel upgraded and modern giving your space the perfect upgrade. You’ll be able to decompress in your magical space in no time!

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