Making A Home Kid-Friendly While Staying Stylish

    With Spring Cleaning right around the corner, many families are perusing Pinterest with the intention of doing a big of re-decorating. When you have kids, you may want to keep your home stylish, but find it difficult while your home is filled with plastic playhouses and surprise legos on the floor (can you say ouch?). However, it is still very possible to keep your home within your style AND have it kid-friendly at the same time! Here are some great tips…


    Multi-Use Furniture
    Ottomans, Benches, and Pull-out couches are all brilliant ways to cram a lot into a small space. This way, you can have a designer-perfect living room, while stowing away all of the toys or eyesores that you must keep around. Plus, pull-out couches and chairs are great for sleepovers, meaning you don’t have to re-arrange all of the furniture just to shove some sleeping bags on the floor.


    Large & Plush Furniture or Accessories
    Opt for legless furniture whenever possible. This keeps little toes safe from stubbing, and once your little one learns their strength, it will make it harder for them to try to push these things over. Try using “Poufs” instead of coffee tables, and rely on throw pillows for decoration instead of larger chunky pieces that can easily be pulled down or broken.


    Stain Repellent
    Use stain-repellent on your fabric. If you can use it to protect your shoes and bags, you definitely won’t be sorry when using it to protect your rugs and furniture. There’s 100% chance that kids will spill liquids, food, melted chocolate, and more. Even if they’re not allowed to eat in that room, the stains will find their way over somehow!


    Whether you’ve lived in your home for decades, or it’s new to you, you won’t be sorry when making some of these changes.

    The Darryl & JJ Jones Team are your home experts! We want you to have the best experience both from selling to buying, and even while living in your home. It’s your sanctuary, so don’t be afraid to treat it that way!

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