Natural Remedies To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Home This Summer

    The summer season is filled with all of our favorite things: sunshine, day trips to the beach, vacations, theme parks, sleeping in, and more time with the family! However, the warmer weather tends to bring in many unwanted bugs. You may have to step up your anti-bug game in the summer months, and here are a few natural remedies to help keep your home free of unwanted visitors.


    1. Cinnamon
      Did you know that ants especially hate cinnamon? If you find an ant trail or point of entry, sprinkle a small pile of cinnamon and it will block their trail. Try adding it on window sills and entryways as well. Cinnamon is all natural and chemical-free, but you still want to keep kids and pets away from the cinnamon so that they do not ingest it.
    2. Onions
      You may have heard about this one. It is said that if you slice up some onions, add them to a bowl of water, and place in the bug-infested area, that the bugs will fly or run far far away. Just like the cinnamon, be sure to keep the bowl in an area where kids and pets cannot get to it. Although it’s all natural, you don’t want them drinking the water, especially dogs as onions can be harmful to their health.
    3. Vanilla Extract
      Moving on from stinky to sweet, let’s talk vanilla extract. Mixed with some water, it can make your house smell amazing (like freshly baked goods!) and also repel the little stinkers. You can even add additional essential oils to the mix to find your own favorite scent, and voila! You have a 2-in-1 home air freshener as well as a bug repellent.


    Whether you just bought a new home, or you have been in the same location for decades, you deserve to love your space without intruders, no matter how small! Make sure to let us know in the comments below if these worked for you! Also, if we missed any of your tried and true favorite natural remedies, let us know below and we may feature it in a future article!

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