New Year Declutter

    There are many things people do to feel cleansed in the new year, and a big one is cleansing the home! Decluttering is a big way to feel like you’re ready to tackle anything that comes your way. It’s important not to feel overwhelmed, so here are a few ways to cleanse effectively.


    Make A List
    Crossing things off a list is a surprisingly good feeling. It releases endorphins that help you feel and be more productive and happy about what you’ve accomplished. (It’s true!) Write down every room you want to clean, and your goals and what you wish you accomplish by decluttering. Plus, this gives you a good idea of where to start, and how to prioritize your tasks.

    Be Realistic About Fixing/Selling
    Sure, we all have the things tucked into our drawers and closets that we are planning on selling, but how long has it really been sitting there? You need to be realistic about your time and what your objects are actually worth. For example, if it’s going to cost $100 and 80 hours to fix something simply to sell it for $150 or $200… is that worth it to you? The money investment doesn’t seem like much but the time investment is the most difficult part (hence why it’s still sitting in the garage to begin with). While going through these objects, if the answer is “yes, it’s still worth it,” then hold on to it. If you can’t decide whether it’s worth it or not, let it go.

    Consider Nostalgia
    We know you have many items of value (either monetary or sentimental) that have been accruing over the years thanks to well-meaning gift-givers, and we understand it can be hard to let go. However, it is unrealistic to keep absolutely everything anyone has ever put in your path. It’s tough to let go, or you may feel bad, but truly, imagine the storage units you’d need over the years to keep up with all of the items. Would you save it in a fire? If you found it buried in a box in the back of your garage, would you have known it was there before you started cleaning? Prioritize your items.


    What are your favorite decluttering tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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