Planning A Renovation

    Planning a renovation is big. The cost and time it will take to complete can make you go crazy. Keep the positivity throughout the process by keeping yourself organized and prepared throughout your renovation.

    1. Create a decorating folder

    Bundle all the things you like or would like for you renovation. Swatches, window styles, crown molding, etc. Keep it all together so that when it comes time to start the renovation, you’ll have your best ideas ready to go.

    2. Measure, Measure, Measure.

    Be sure to triple check your measurements before you start your renovation. Have all your key measurements at hand so that when you go buy product, you’ll have the right amount available. It’s better to be over than under.

    3. Interview your contractor.

    Don’t settle for the first company you find online. Be sure to give a few different contractors a call and interview them with our must answer questions. After you’ve found a couple you really like and have great reviews, then make your final decision. Remember this is a big step and you don’t want your money to go to waste.

    4. Outline your budget

    Calculate your renovation costs. Once you’ve established what it is going to cost you can create your budget. Always plan that your cost will probably go over what you initially thought so give your self some over under room in case any problems arise.

    Renovations take a big part of our budget. You will want to put some time and thought into each detail that goes into the big change. Whether you’re just doing a small kitchen renovation or a whole home remodel, keep yourself organized will help keep things on schedule.

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