Simple Bathroom Upgrades!

    Ever find yourself scrambling to find what you need when you’re in the bathroom? Can’t find any clean hand towels? Or need more toothpaste? Since you typically start the day in your bathroom, if you find your bathroom seems disorganized, it can cause frustration and throw off your mood. Try these simple hacks today!

    1. Color Coded Towels

    If you’re constantly forgetting which towel is yours, these will help keep your busy household stay organized. Whether you decide on different color towels entirely or adding towel tags, this simple trick will keep you and your loved ones from sharing the same towel.

    2. Trimmed Shower Curtains

    Keep that yucky mold from building up at the bottom of your shower curtain by trimming them up. Tailoring your shower curtain will keep them from trapping moisture, dust, and dirt.

    3. Towel Shelf

    Ever forget to grab a towel from the cabinet and then find yourself standing in the middle of the bathroom soaking wet? Never forget again by installing a towel shelf directly in your bathroom. If you have the space, adding the storage either above the toilet or next to the shower will ensure you always have towels on hand. The days of “drip drying” are over, my friend!

    4. Cubbyholes

    Cubbyholes will not only help you keep your bathroom organized, but it will help you easily see what you have on hand or what you need to buy! Ever run out of Q-tips, only to reach under the sink cupboard to grab more, and find you’re out completely? What about toothpaste, when you’re *sure* you had an extra tube? This will solve those issues, as you’ll always see your inventory on hand.

    5. Rolling Hand Towel

    A great way to stay green and keep you from washing hand towels all the time is with a rolling hand towel. Provide your family or guest with a dry surface anytime. This is also a great way to add texture and color to your bathroom. (See an example here ((make this a clickable link that opens in a new window)).

    You don’t need to do a full bathroom renovation just to get the simple and tidy bathroom you need. Try some of these hacks today, and let us know how they work out in the comments below!

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