Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Warm

    The cold weather is upon us, and there are a few ways to get your home prepped and ready for those chilly winter days. These simple tips will have your home warm and cozy throughout out the holiday season.

    1. Clean Gutters.

    Clear all that debris you’ve let pile up all year long. You’ll want the gutters cleaned out so that any rain, snow, or other debris can clear away so that your roof isn’t working extra hard to hold up that cold and damp gunk.

    2. Repair Roof Shingles.

    Your roof is one thing you’ll want in tip top shape for these cooler months. Be sure any loose or missing shingles are replaced so that you don’t have any accidental leaks sneak up on you.

    3. Ceiling Fan Direction

    This one you may not have thought of! One way to save money and get the most our of your home heater is reversing the directing of your ceiling fan. It will help keep your heat circulating within the room so that you don’t over spend on heating.

    4. Window Gaps

    Be sure to seal any drafty windows and doors throughout your home. One way heat may escape easily is from windowsills and front or back doors. Protect your home from becoming an indoor igloo by properly sealing the gaps.

    These are just a few easy and simple ways to keep your home toasty during the winter holiday. Whether it’s a few minor fixes or some major handiwork, you’ll be thankful your home is in tip top shape with these tips.

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