Spring Cleaning Tips from the Pros

    Getting ready to get your home up to “Spring Cleaning” standards? Here are some great natural tips to help kick it off!


    Removing water stains from faucets
    Here in Orange County, we’re no strangers to hard water. There are safe and natural alternatives that are just as effective as those chemical-filled cleaners that are so easy to turn to. Did you know that lemon is just as effective as getting out water stains from appliances? Slice a lemon in half, and rub it on the stained area. Try it this spring! Plus, the lemon makes your kitchen or bathroom smell amazing!

    Grill Cleaning with an onion
    Clean your grill using an ONION! First, heat up your grill. Then spray it with some white vinegar (this helps loosen the residue), then rub with the inside of an oven half! You’ll be surprised at how easily any build-up falls right off. Plus, you won’t have to worry about grilling up chemicals next time you throw some dinner on!

    Getting out that pet hair!
    A squeegee glass or window cleaner is effective at removing pet hair from rugs, couches, and your car seats! If you don’t have one on hand, a rubber glove also works. It’s much easier than trying to vacuum out the strays that are buried in the fibers. Simply use the squeegee or glove to pull all of the hair to one area, and you can simply pick it up and remove! It’s brilliant!


    Hopefully these tips will help you get your Home Spring Cleaning list finished! The Darryl & JJ Jones Team are your home experts, and understand how important it is to you to keep it clean!

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