Staging Your Home for Buyers

    If you’re working with The Darryl & JJ Jones Team, you know that we provide staging experts to transform your home at no extra charge.

    If not, then you may be going at it alone. Here are some great tips from well-known experts to help you get the place in order.


    Cut The Grime
    Mold or grime on bathroom walls is a big red flag to buyers. Anyone viewing your home for a potential sale wants to see a clean slate, and a place they can make their own. Use a drug-store cleaner, or fill a spray bottle with one part bleach and one part water to zap mold for good. Add a fresh coat of paint and voila!


    Master Bedroom
    Make sure the master bedroom appeals to both sexes. Anything too gender-specific can damage the buyer’s vision for the room. Once you start showing, you want to keep furniture and wall-color neutral and bright.


    Update Kitchen Cabinets
    You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to update your kitchen and property appeal. A nice dark stain plus updated handles and hardware could be all it takes and will leave potential buyers (and your pocket book) thrilled.


    Bathroom Floors
    We’re going to end this article back in the bathroom. If your tiles are outdated (or, so help you, olive green) it may be time to update. Rather than ripping up the floor and replacing it completely, you may be able to just paint over it! Remember to do your research in order to do it effectively, or hire a professional to help out. At any rate, at a fraction of the cost, you will have just upped the desire for your property.


    We wish you much luck in selling your home, and if you do wish to do so with a Real Estate Agent, reach out to us, The Darryl & JJ Jones Team, today!

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