Summer Decor Ideas

    Summer is coming up and what better way get the summer season started than with some fun party hosting decor. If you’re the type that likes to entertain and keep the summer season rocking, let your hosting skill shine with these decor ideas.

    1. Cabinet Bar

    Turn an old cabinet into a chic and upscale piece by converting it from indoor storage system to an outdoor bar. Instead of having to run back and forth from your house to your patio area, this new unit can eliminate you from stopping the fun.

    2. Storage Bench

    Have a small patio space? Give yourself extra space to keep things tidy with a storage bench.  Whether you build it yourself or find one at a bargain, having a hidden nook for blankets, towels, and games can keep summer hangouts easy!

    3. Movie Screen

    Watch your favorite flicks under the stars with a great DIY movie screen. All you need is a white sheet, two sturdy pipes or wood planks, and a projector to make your cinematic dreams come true.

    4. String Lights

    You don’t have to go inside to keep your summer fiestas going. Make your patio light up in the night sky with a simple and elegant lighting solution. These lights are cheap and easy to assemble and will keep you and your guests celebrating all night.

    Let your summer days or nights keep moving with these great patio update ideas. Whether you need something to pop or just a simple solution, create your perfect patio setup with these tips.

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