Taking Your Home From Thanksgiving to the Winter Holidays

    For many, the end of Thanksgiving signifies the end of fall and the beginning of winter. If you’re ready to get your home season-appropriate, here are some quick tips to start the transformation!


    Say Goodbye to the Pumpkins
    Whether it’s indoors or out, these small delicious decorations gotta go. Not only is the Orange color and the fruit itself associated with fall, but they’ll start to rot soon enough in the cooler weather. Try repurposing them into delicious pumpkin treats for yourself, your pets, or simply disposing of them in the Landscape/Compost bin for your city to dispose of properly.


    Throw Pillows
    Throw pillows and matching blankets are a great way to enhance the feel of a room without spending a lot of money or time. We promise that your living room will take you from gentle leafy breezes to cool winter chill in a matter of minutes.


    Holiday Decor
    If you celebrate Christmas, get that tree up! If you celebrate Hanukkah, pull out the menorah! Nothing makes your home feel like the holidays faster than holiday decorations. If you’re a minimalist, keep it minimal, if you love the extravagance, get out everything and make that place look like Disneyland! You’ll enjoy a warm cup of cocoa on the couch far more when you feel transported.


    Festive Snacks & Drinks
    There’s a reason coffee shops release their pumpkin spice flavored drinks and snacks every fall, and peppermint every winter! Your home can be a haven of the holidays if you stock up on similar goodies of your own. Perhaps some peppermint tea on hand and even gingerbread cookies both for yourself, your family, and your guests!


    What are your favorite ways to transform your home into the winter season? Let us know in the comments below!

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