Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

    We know that buying your first home is an exciting time, and it may even seem overwhelming at times, but the Darryl & JJ Jones Team is here for you through the entire process! Though we have advice for days, here are a few of our favorite tips…


    First & Foremost, Talk to a Professional
    Once people decide they want to buy a home, they may talk to their friends or connections that have done so in the past and start doing things similar to them. The truth is, everyone’s home-buying process is different, and sometimes people start saving money for certain down-payment percentages or trying to fix things on their credit thinking it will help, but they may be taking the wrong steps. While these are both helpful, it’s important to determine your personal needs with a professional. Unless you’re a real estate professional, you can’t determine what you’re capable of in the market, and you may be surprised!

    Make Sure to Set Aside Money for the Move-In
    Once you’re moved in, you’re very likely to want to have the cash on hand to do any remodeling, decorating, or stocking! Even extra moving costs can pop up (movers, gratuity, etc). New kitchenware, new couches, new throw pillows, a new bedroom set…. all of these are things you may feel like you want to buy to fill your new home! We see it often, that people have furniture they want to use, but then feel it doesn’t fit in their new vision. As wonderful and exciting as moving into your new home is, it’s easy to get stressed during such a big life-change. If you feel more prepared, you’ll be more prepared!

    Most Importantly, Hire the Right Agent
    There are many different realtors out there, and each of them has their strengths. You’ll be working closely with your agent throughout this process, and it’s important to choose someone knowledgeable and who is a great fit for you on both a professional and personal level.


    We wish you luck on your new-home journey, and if you have any questions, please never hesitate to call The Darryl & JJ Jones Team today for any of your home and real estate needs!

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