Using Feng Shui In Your Home

    Creating the right flow in your home can be challenging. Feng Shui deals with the relationship between spatial arrangement and the flow of energy. There are many ways Feng Shui can help you home’s energy and one thing it can help bring to you is money. Would you try these Feng Shui tips to bring prosperity? Ream more to see how these arrangements can help you.

    1. Clean Kitchen:

    Keep your kitchen clean. By keeping your kitchen spic and span, you can attract money to your life. Keeping your pantry, sink, and stove tidy will help keep the positive energy and flow moving throughout the kitchen. To attract even more money, keep fresh fruit and veggies for daily use.

    2. Red, Purple or Green Decor:

    These are power colors. It’s not just a matter of throwing these colors around your home. Be mindful about how you are incorporating these colors into your decor. There is a catch, if you’re not fond of one of these colors, the Feng Shui will not work in your home.

    3. Declutter you spaces:

    To utilize your space wisely, one thing Feng Shui suggest is to declutter. That means simplifying and condensing things such as your plants and furniture. Clutter can lead to energy blocks, so create fresh circulation by removing dead plants or excess throughout the home.

    4. Garage Sale:

    You don’t have to spend money to bring in new money. Decluttering is one of the steps to creating and prosperous flow so why not bring in more prosperity with a yard sale. It’s of no cost to you and you get to bring in some new revenue. Get rid of all you don’t want, need, or use to free up space and create new opportunities for yourself.

    There are many ways that Feng Shui can help your home. Whether you are trying to create a peaceful and unified energy flow or you want to bring in new opportunities for yourself, Feng Shui can hold the key to your next steps. Try some of these Feng Shui tips and let the energy start flowing.

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